5 caves in Spain to understand our origins

22 Jan 5 caves in Spain to understand our origins

Arte rupestre - TravelgenioWhen we think about art and we want to travel and get closer to the culture, we always think about museums, exhibitions, theathers or even arquitecture. But there are not a lot of opportunities to see the art works of caves where our ancestors lived. They are part of us, of our history and you can reach them just by traveling to Spanish places like Asturias, Catalonia or Cantabria.

5 caves that you must see that are World Heritage

1.Altamira Caves. Today the main part or them are exhibited in the Altamira museum, because the cave is only visited by little groups that reserved the guided visit and it has been closed during many years due to the fast deterioration on the 70’s and the 80’s. The truth is that although all of this facts, you can visit the cave recreation and the museum and you will be near the marvellous village of Santillana del Mar (2 km away). The Altamira caves aren’t the only attraction as Santillana is also World Heritage.

2. The Covalanas caves. Just like the Altamira caves, the Covalanas ones have a maximum price of 3 euros. The difference? We see the real art works! You must book a few weeks in advance on high season since they only allow 45 minutes per visit for a maximum of 8 people, to preserve the cave and keep their art undamaged. This caves are in Cantabria in the municipality of Ramales de la Victoria. The surroundings have an unparalleled beauty since it is a mountainous area from the east of Cantabria.

3. The Ekain Caves: Located in Dave, Guipúzcoa, this caves have paintings of the magdalenian period just like the Altamira ones. This caves can be visited just like the ones on Cantabria, with a replica created, so all visitors can enjoy them. That’s how you will manage to fulfill all of your expectations since you will be able to have every chance that will make us enjoy all the advantages that a user can have.

4. The Atxerri Caves: Located in Aia, in Guipuzcoa , we will find the Atxerri caves that, just like the Ekain ones, lead us get closer to the paleolithic heritage. Today they’re thinking about building a replica as, for the moment, the admission is not allowed. So we must realize the big significance that, everything related with getting to the Atxerri caves, means knowing the Oma forest. The view on this caves has a price of 5 euros per ticket and 3 euros per children’s ticket. It is working all year long and it has different schedules for winter and for summer.

5. The Santimamiñe caves: This caves located in Bizkaia, more specifically in Kortezubi show some of the most amazing works of arts on caves. With a price of 5 euros per ticket they work all day long and they are turning into one of the main chances for every kind of travelers.

Why are the cave paintings so special?

The cave paintings, specially the magdaleninan ones, date from 15000-17000 years before the beginning of our era. Imagine that and compare it with the fleeting works of today. In almost every case, the red of the paintings was from animal blood and some sap from the plants was use to make some strokes. However this wasn’t the only kind of art. The first engravings also took place there.