5 countries with low cost flights you should visit

29 Sep 5 countries with low cost flights you should visit

Tropical beach, Andaman Sea, ThailandIf you want to discover marvellous and exotic countries but with a low cost budget, just leave yourself get seduced by the rare beauty of the ones we are going to talk about. It will be interesting to understand the flight options, the normal prices and the reasons to arrive there. It will be the best idea you can have. Without doubt, this low cost countries should be the ones chosen.

1. Colombia: it is a huge and interesting country. It owns many domestic airports and many international ones. We are going to talk about the flights from the capital, connected with the rest of the country. In the International El Dorado Airport you can enjoy low cost flights arriving from Spain. Iberia is the main airline that has access to Bogotá, and then you can choose the national destination you would like.

2. Thailand: with the Asiatic airlines like Ethihad Airways, everything changed. We are not talking about an airline with negative valorations although prices are like the low cost ones. No, we are talking about one of the best valued ones. You can arrive to Thailand just paying 500 euros for the round trip. This is just a reason to arrive to this marvellous country.

3. Hungary: you will know it in a very easy way. Of you want to know everything about its flights, just take a look to the many low cost airlines that operate to this destination such as Ryanair, Vueling Airlines and Wizzair. You can arrive to Budapest from many European capitals.

4. Marroc: Traveling to Tanger, Marrakech, Nador or many other cities is really easy. You can find cheap flights thanks to Easyjet or Vueling, although Ryanair also helps you to discover Tanger.

5. Costa Rica: it was a really expensive country a few years ago. San Jose is the perfect low cost capital as the lodging and also the meals have really popular prices. It is the main destinations for the international travelers that want to get introduced to this part of America. Iberia is again one of the main airlines that will help you arriving to this country with low cost prices.