A trip to Turkey

04 Nov A trip to Turkey

Blue mosque in Istanbul in sunsetTurkey is a very interesting destination nowadays. It is a land where the East and the West bring their culture and traditions together in an amazing beauty, within a centenary large history.

Estambul and Ankara show its glorious past in his vast historic, artistic and architectonic legacy, in a country where the visitor can find all the necessary to spend an unforgettable holiday time, including white beaches by the Mediterranean Sea, with a good country inn offering.
Here you are some advices to enjoy your trip:

1. The passport or DNI are necessary when travelling abroad. Passports are stamped when arriving in the airports in Turkey. Then you will get the visa. This costs 10 euros, enough if the journey is no longer than three months. Remember that the Spanish Embassy is always available if you need to call in any emergency case.

2. Banks are opened from 9:00 to 12:00 hours in the morning and from 13:00 to 17:00 hours in the afternoon. Commerce establishments are opened from 9:00 to 19:00 hours. Bazars are opened until 22:00 hours at night.

3. English is widely spoken in Estambul and main towns. You could also learn some Turkish idioms to have a good time in the bazars.

4. Roads are good in Turkey. It will be easy to rent a car and move in the country. Signs are green. Please have all documents in good conditions.

5. The official coin is the Turkish pound. You can change your money before travelling, in the airport, or once you are in Turkey. It is recommended to have pocket money and the credit card as well. Dollars and euros are accepted in some establishments. There is big activity at bazars, where you can pay cash. Remember that you must pay to get into the museums.

6. You must dial the prefix 00 if you want to call out from Turkey. Dial 90 if you want to connect with Spain. It is recommended to fix a fare with your mobile company. You can also connect your people on the web, which is available in Estambul or Ankara hotels and coffee shops.

7. The weather in Turkey is similar to some regions in Spain. Summer is the hottest time with very high temperatures. Winters are cold and dry. So, different seasons are recommended depending on what area in Turkey you are travelling to. Estambul must be visited during a soft season because of the heat. Visit Turkey during the summer if you want to spend your holiday by the sea.

8. Turkish cuisine is characterized by the mix of products of the Mediterranean, European and East cultures. You can taste the typical dishes of Turkish gastronomy in restaurants and specific establishments in the big cities.

9. There are cheap flights to Turkey from the main cities in Spain. Low cost companies like Air Berlin offer cheap good tickets. Traditional companies like KLM, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines connect Turkey with Madrid and Barcelona.

10. Enjoy your trip. Relax during your travel. It is the best way to spend a wonderful holiday time. Enjoy the beauty of art and Turkish traditions and the marvelous beaches in Turkey. You will like everything from Estambul to Ankara.