Five literary travels for book lovers

17 Jun Five literary travels for book lovers

mTravelers may discover the scenarios reflected in some of the books that have marked contemporary literature.

1. Amsterdam and “The Diary of Anne Frank”:

The capital of the Netherlands hosted the girl named Anne Frank, who was persecuted with her family by the Nazi Germany, and they were shot in the year 1944 when they were found in the attic where they were hiding. Amsterdam is really attractive, from its historic center to the red district. This city witnessed the barbarity seventy years ago, and it is part of the European history of the XX Century.

Anne Frank’s House: It is sited in the street Prinsegacht 267; and it can be visited from 9:00 hours in the morning to 19:00 hours. The guided tour costs 9 euros. It is worth visiting it, especially if you have read the book.

2. Aracataca and “One Hundred Years of Solitude”: The town of Macondo was imagined by Gabriel García Márquez in the magical realism of its work. Nevertheless, the people of Arataca, town where the author was borne, are aware between the parallels between this town and the one in the author’s mind, and so the town name has been changed in honor of Gabriel García Márquez.

Arcataca is a Colombian town located some kilometers from the coast. It has a population of almost 40.000 inhabitants. And it has an historical train station, a House Museum dedicated to Gabriel García Márquez and the house of the telegraphic. The tours organized by the Gipsy Residence for the tourists are ideal to enter the narratives of Márquez’s fictional town that has to do with the reality.

3. Tánger and “The Naked Lunch: This novel written by William Burroughs has transcended for being one of the best known by the Beat generation. The inspiration was a travel to Tánger, Morocco, where the author lived for some months.  “The Naked Lunch” was written during the 50s at the hotel El – Muniria. The Gran Café París was frequented by Burroughs and Allen Ginsbergh among other authors.

Besides mentioned hotel and the bar, Tánger offers some wonders like the medina, the zoco and the city port. Tánger is a very well located city near Ceuta, Melilla and Tetuán.

4. The Vegas and “Fear and laughing in Vegas”: The journalist and author Hunter S. Thompson takes us to a trip to The Vegas, with the company of his lawyer.  Stay at one of the hotels, play in the casino or have dinner at one of the theme restaurants are some of the things that can be enjoyed in this city.

5. Saint Petersburg and “Crime and Punishment”: Raskolnikov, Rodión as nickname, is the most famous character of Dostoievski. The city of Saint Petersburg is the scenery where Raskolnikov lives and witnesses the decline of the imperial city.

Travelers can visit the crossing Stoliarny, where Raskolnikov stayed; the bridge Kokushkn, the usurious house sited on the channel Griboyédov 104, the pólice on the same channel in the number 67, and the prostitute, number 73 of the street. After the literary tour, the visit can be completed with a trip from Saint Petersburg to Moscow, to admire the Kremlin and the Red Square.