How to get cheap flights to German cities

21 Oct How to get cheap flights to German cities

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioDuring September, the possibilities to find cheap flights increase. The Oktoberfest will take place from the 20th of September till the 10th of October in Munich and there are many travelers waiting to spend some days here and also visiting the rest of Germany.

Low cost flights 

If you want to travel to Munich, it is possible to find out many airlines with low cost flights. For example, Vueling Airlines have flights from the main secondary airports in Europe.

Lufthansa is a company with many other luxury options and also flights from the first capitals. With Condor you can try many options. Other airlines that fly to Munich are Norweigan and Iberia.

The international Munich – Franz Josef Strauss Airport

With two terminals, it is one of the biggest airports in Europe so you will be able to find many flights from any city in Europe that arrives there.

Airlines to find cheap flights in Germany

The best airlines to travel in Germany are, without doubts, Easyjet and Ryanair. Anyway, the local flights between different German cities can be found in others like SAS or Lufthansa.

You can save some money just by avoiding extra services like meal or luggage.