Orient Treasures: Istanbul low cost

12 Aug Orient Treasures: Istanbul low cost

Blue mosque in Istanbul in sunsetTurkey is a country with a lot of tourism, which makes its capital slightly more expensive than other comparable cities. Nevertheless there are economic offers nowadays, due to the global crisis that has also affected this city.

5 secrets for traveling to Istanbul low cost

1. September, I love you: It is the perfect month to travel because you can enjoy services at lower rates. There is a good climate in September, and it is easier to find offers in Istanbul and other cities. Book your travel one or two months before traveling If you want to save more, especially if you want to choose the two firs weeks of September.

2. Nice kebab: The kebab is one of those irresistible foods with a Turkish origin, with a high quality and good price. Buffets are also recommended because they are economic and offer a lot of advantages for all kind of travelers. It is a low cost way of enjoying holiday in Istanbul.

3. Walking: Istanbul is a big city. But visiting the center does not imply to depend on the means of transport for everything.  Enjoy your travel and walk; it is a way of getting to know the places as they are.

4. Low cost flights: Thing about online travel agencies, because they are the best option to choose travel packs. And if the accommodation doesn’t fit, you have the possibility to change it. Good luck is important to choose a hotel on your own in some countries like Turkey. You can go to a hostel and share a room, that’s low cost for sure.

5. Accommodation: It is better to include the accommodation in the rate and choose a safe for it to ensure  the contracted services provided by the travel agency.