Regulations regarding luggage that you should know

10 Jun Regulations regarding luggage that you should know

Check-in - TravelgenioSome basic notions on your rights in case that luggage is lost or damaged when travelling. They are taken from the current regulations regarding luggage, updated in the year 2006. This topic has aroused interest due to the restrictions of Ryanair. The performance of such services is scarce in the event that the traveler does not assume the corresponding insurance. Ryanair offers separate travel insurance, so you have to take into account that if this insurance is rejected, the protection is lost. However, the rights regarding luggage are previous to this condition.

Regulation regarding

You realize that you have lost your luggage. First of all, go to the Airlines information stand and ask for the appropriate application form of delay. Do not wait to make this, even though the law says you have twenty days.  The amounts of the deviations can reach 1300 euros.

Then, there is a waiting period of 21 days, after which the passenger may file a complaint of loss- before 21 days it is recognized as a delay and, although there is also a small amount of money of compensation, the luggage usually appears -. After 21 days you will send a registered letter or burofax to the Airlines with the information provided in the airlines office.

Regulation regarding damaged luggage

The traveler also has rights if the luggage is damaged. The requirement is the completion of the appropriate application form up to seven days after the event. A modo de seguro se recomienda fotografiar tanto los exteriores como los interiores de la maleta aunque esto solo sirve en el caso de que quede deteriorado su contenido o la propia maleta ya que en el caso de robo de algunos elementos de la maleta no será posible hacer maniobra alguna por la incapacidad para determinar el valor de lo que hay dentro – en estos casos se suele optar por recurrir a seguros especiales -.

Where to get the papers to claim

First of all, you must look for the appropriate application forms in the airport, airline office or information desks. There is a big amount of information of interest for travelers in the Airlines. If you don’t receive an answer from the airlines you can complain to a court with a limited period of between six months and two years.

Last but not least, you have to make sure to know the Airlines of the chosen flights in the case of transfer flights, because travelers let their travel agency act in many cases, without knowing the different Airlines with which it works and, then, present claims in a confused manner. Therefore it is essential to know in detail the means of transport by which we travel.