Rías Altas, the other Galice

23 Sep Rías Altas, the other Galice

Check-in - TravelgenioIt is true that, for the Spanish national tourism, the Rias Baixas are better known. But you must also try to find the beauty of the Rias Altas. Situated between A Coruña and Lugo, nature lovers will make them fall in love.

Get to the Costa da Morte and enjoy with Corcubión and its proximities. Enjoy everything you find here as you will get impressed.

What to visit in the Rias Altas

In Lugo, you will find some charm villages like Viveiro, San Ciprián, Foz, Burela or Ribadeo. This ports are the perfect place to taste the fruits of the sea.
Talking about Coruña, we will choose Ceira, Malpica de Bergantiños or Cariño.

Camping or hotel, where to sleep in the Rias Altas

It depends on the place we want to sleep. Anyway, you will find all the offer in an online travel agency. This place is cheaper than the Rias Baixas. You will be able to choose in many prices possibilities.

Flights to get to Coruña

Thanks to low cost airlines like Vueling Airlines, there are many places you can take off to get to Coruña. Iberia and Air Europa also flight there.

What about Costa da Morte

The rías that form it are the Corme, Lires, Lage, Corcubión and Camariñas ones. You may want to visit some places like Finisterre, Corcubión, Cee, Dumbría, Bergantiños or Malpica. Although it is not the most known route, it is one of the most attractive ones you can follow. Thanks to the St. Jack’s way to Fisterra, tourism has begun to arrive there.