The Brac Island: a treasure in Croatia

06 Dec The Brac Island: a treasure in Croatia

Islas y destinos exóticos - TravelgenioIt is located on the shore of the coast of Dalmatia. It is a peaceful zone near Split and Dubrovnik. The Island of Brac has a beautiful landscape where you can enjoy some of the most emblematic corners in Croatia. This island is surrounded by the mysticism of the past, stories of pirates and fascinating tales.

Basic Information to arrive in the Island of Brac

The Island of Brac is easily accessible from the touristic village of Split. The means of transport with which we can count in our exciting travel are:

Plane: The flights to Split are possible with several companies. It is easy to find them at a good rate from the city of Barcelona or any European capitals.  Rates are higher during the peak season in summer but it is not an expensive destination at all.

Ferry: It is the only transport that connects Split with the Island of Brac. The duration is just 45 minutes. But there are ferries the whole day so it is not necessary to book previously. It is recommended to have accommodation in Split, at least one night, to enjoy this touristic city in Croatia.

Bus: We can move around inside the Island of Brac and it is easy to go from one part to the other. We must have in mind that the currency in Croatia is called the kunas with an equivalence of 0,13 euros per kuna.

Discover the most beautiful corners in the Beach of Bol

It is the main attraction of the Island of Brac and there are numerous hotels nearby.

Villa Dalmatia. It is an intermediate accommodation with a category of three stars. It is ideal for those people who are looking for apartments with kitchen, living room, one bedroom and the bathroom, and WIFI. It is located 150 meters from the beach of Bol.

Referring apartments, Villa Sole is a luxury accommodation with a category of four stars. It is possible to find the best rates and categories, even during the summer.

Traditional gastronomy in Brac

Prepare the camera if you are visiting this city because you will want to make photographs to any corner in this spectacular island. Enjoy the atmosphere and Dalmatian gastronomy with your family and friends. It is remarkable sea food and  salt mass Viska, Komiszka and Forska. The smutice of Brac will be the delicious chosen wine in the island. The sauerkraut and luganige are the other varieties.

This island has been occupied by different populations from the Paleolithic to the present days, as the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires, the Venetian and others. Nowadays it is one of the most popular Croatian islands. This is a really interesting holiday option to remember for life.

Split and the Island of Brac

Go for a walk to the Marmontova Street and visit the Golden Door, the Port and the palace. Have a drink in front of the Bahia Riva. Enjoy the Market of Split and the Marjan hill in the city. Go to the Beach of Split too.