Traveling with pets: low cost flights

03 Jun Traveling with pets: low cost flights

Aeropuerto - TravelgenioWe propose here some airlines that allow bringing pets on board.

The best airlines that allow pet travel

Iberia and Air Europa offer many routes from Spain. Iberia accepts pets weighing less than 8 kg. in cabin. If pets weigh more, they have to travel in the vault and they are charged as excess baggage.

Air Europa accepts pets up to 6 kg. of weigh, and only cats, dogs, birds or hamsters. There is a long list of dangerous animals that can’t be included in this category. It is the most economical company to transport pets.

Almost all traditional international airlines offer travel alternatives with pets. Restrictions are usually structured in the same way. Some animals considered dangerous are not allowed for the safety of the airplane. Air

Lingus offers flights that allow pets and flights where pets are not allowed, so it will be necessary to consult.

Vueling Airlines is a pioneer in low cost companies in offering this service with restrictions. Pets in cabin must be less than 8 kg. of weigh and they must be transported in a standard compartment of 50x40x20 cm.  Ryanair doesn’t offer this service, with the exception of guide dogs, and only on certain routes specified in the website. Easyjet conditions are similar to those of Ryanair, only guide dogs are allowed.

Which airlines are exclusive for travelling with pets?

Pet Airways is the airline for travelers who want to move to other cities in a flight with their best friend. Pets travel in an aircraft designed for them. The trouble is that the pet and the owner’s flights don’t arrive at the same time.

Anyway Pet Airways offers care service until owner’s arrival if necessary. Pet Airways serves only in The United States and Canada.